sheepJ&M Sheep, members of KHSI, have been raising sheep since 2006. We started with Suffolk and quickly learned there is a lot of extra work associated with this breed. We started looking into hair sheep. Our research led us into the Katahdin hair sheep business. This change allowed us to spend more time producing and offering better quality animals. The Katahdins are the most docile of the hair sheep breeds, are enjoyable to work with, and require less maintenance, unlike the wool breeds.

We have expanded from 14 acres at the home stead, to an additional 32 acre farm (broke into 7 different pastures for rotation). Currently at 170 ewes, our goal in the future is to run 200 registered, top quality, breeding ewes and a select number of breeding rams. We have purchased breeding ewes from Missouri and Iowa and our breeding rams are out of Lexington, Kentucky.

We are a pasture based operation, feeding grain only 2 weeks before the breeding season, the last few weeks of late gestation through a few weeks after lambing. We provide quality hay through the winter months consisting of Timothy and Orchard grass mix, and an Alfalfa mix during lactation as the grass comes on.

Hair sheep can lamb twice in 18 months, unlike wool, but at J&M Sheep we only choose to breed once a year, to ensure our breeding ewes are in top quality shape. We believe this encourages multiple births and large healthy lambs. We worm and trim hooves only when necessary.